Our vehicles

A full range of quality logistic services: artic flatbeds, curtainsiders, brick cranes and more.

Artic Crane

We have a choice of roller crane or centre mounted crane trailer available.

Urban Artic Crane

Excellent for restricted access site deliveries and also maximising payload. Similar to the artic brick crane but the trailer length can be reduced by almost a quarter enabling it to deliver to the tightest of urban building sites with a full load.

Drawbar Crane

A very versatile vehicle that is also known as a wagon and drag brick crane. Excellent for sites with restricted access but still allows a full load to be delivered. If necessary this can be achieved with a trailer drop, tranship and essentially two rigid deliveries.

Artic Flatbed

The most cost effective way to receive a delivery of construction materials if the site is large enough to receive an articulated truck. This is available with or without a Moffett.
Forklift attached.

44 Ton Tractor Unit

We can provide traction only service with modern Euro six vehicles.
Drivers are experienced in all types of Haulage including being certified in bird welfare for the carriage of live poultry.